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Cave 2 - Hanging Cave
Caves 2 and 4
Official Names
Hanging Cave
Player Given Names
Cave 2
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Cave 2 has a climbing entrance inside the Main Cannibal Village. There is a second entrance to the north near a smaller Cannibal Village on the side of a lake. The first time the player loses health completely and loses consciousness, they will wake up in this cave tied by their feet to the ceiling, with their plane axe within arm's reach on the ground nearby.

See also Cave 4 - Baby Cave

Notable Items[]

IconModernAxe.png Modern Axe
IconCompass.png Compass
IconMap.png Map
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette Tape 4
IconToyHead.png Toy Head

Other Items[]

Hidden Stash Room[]


PaleCannibalFarket.png Pale Cannibals
PaleSkinnyCannibalFarket.png Pale Skinny Cannibals


IconTheForestMap.png Walking Entrance[]

IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png Climbing Entrance 1[]

IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png Climbing Entrance 2[]



Cave 2 Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed holes, new lighting and polish pass in several rooms. Tried to make the hanging room more inviting.

New decorative props added to cannibal village climb entrance

New cave climbdown area covers and fixes can stand on opening holes

Added darkening in cave entrances to cover transition of player entering and loading

v0.71 Cave 2 lighting improvements
v0.57 Caves- fixed holes in Cave 2
v0.43 Caves – Camping garbage added to cave 2
v0.42 Caves – fixed 2 holes in cave 2
v0.41b Updated navmesh in cave 2 to improve enemy pathfinding
v0.41 Fixed player being shot out of cave 2 exit if they had entered via rope entrance
v0.39 Fixed rope in cave 2 not correctly aligned causing hands to not visually attach
v0.37 Caves – Fixed timmy drawing 2 in cave 1 not being pickupable
v0.33 Caves – fixed short rope alignment in Cave 2
v0.32 Removed broken rebreather from cave 2. Is now only findable in cave 5
v0.30 Added condition to complete the explore cave 2 task from todo list (the task triggered after hanging scene)
v0.29 (Balance) Meds added to Cave 2
v0.28 Caves- lighting fixes in cave 2

Moved second modern axe from dead tree to deeper inside cave 2.

v0.26 Cave 2 removed extra cave corpse in dead room

Cave 2 walls rexported with improved collision Cave 2 hole in corridor plugged up

v0.20 Cave 2 hidden stash room added
v0.19 Changed cave dead to always be in cave 2 location.
v0.15 New climbable area added to cave 2
v0.13 Cave 2 crayon map drawing with shiny sticker stars on it added as a collectible item. (hint: try and find locations of stars)

Improved cave 2 entrance visuals

v0.12 (audio)New cave 2 waterfall sounds added

Cave 2 – added sky opening to big lake room letting some light in

v0.11 Major re-work of cave2 environment, more interesting rooms, better layout of rocks, new rock types and better flow through areas. Added small water falls
v0.04 Improved dead cave lighting and cave 2 lighting
v0.01 Cave 2 added to the game