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Cave 10 - Waterfall Cave
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Official Names
Waterfall Cave
Player Given Names
Cave 10
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The entrance to Cave 10 can be found to the west of the sinkhole. It's unusually deep and requires two ropes to climb down before you come to the bottom. There's one primary area, half filled with water, at the bottom of the waterfall. A caver camp can be found at this level, with orange save tents, flarechests, and all manner of supplies. Climbing down another rope will lead you to a room with a small central pond with a boat, as well as one Cowman and a single cannibal. It seems to be rather nautically-themed, with many lifebuoys / lifesavers dangling from the walls.

Near the end of the cave, there are two wooden walls that can be shattered with an axe, leading to two passengers of the flight.

Blasting through a set of rock walls, the player can access Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave.



PaleCannibalFarket.png Pale Cannibal
CowmanFarket.png Cowman

IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png Climbing Entrance[]

Cave 10 Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 overall polish pass

New cave climbdown area covers and fixes can stand on opening holes

Added darkening in cave entrances to cover transition of player entering and loading

v0.64 Caves – polish pass to Cave 10
v0.57 Caves- fixed holes in Cave 10
v0.43 Caves – Camping garbage added to cave 10
v0.38 Adjusted enemy layout in cave 10
v0.37 Caves – Fixed holes in cave 10

Fixed life preservers clipping in cave 10

v0.36 Fixed yacht magazine in cave 10 being caver magazine when picked up
v0.34 Fixed cowman in cave 10 sometimes disappearing when approached
v0.33 Caves – Tighter light blocking around cave 10 climb entrance to prevent leaks
v0.31 New todo tasks: explore caves 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
v0.30 (balance)Updated enemy layout in cave 10
v0.28 Caves- yellow flare crate should be synced in MP in cave 10
v0.26 Cave 10 extra props added
v0.23 Improved terrain around cave 10 and fixed orange tent sitting crooked on rock
v0.20 Cave 10 added to the game

rough Cave 10 added