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Catapult ( Multi thrower )
Also known as
Multi Thrower
Rock Thrower
Added in
Building Type
Launching objects
Launching explosives
Can't turn far
Spoils meat when placed in it
See below
Other Effects
Kills or injures enemies
Buildable on
Most surfaces
Very Strong

The Catapult is less of a trap and more of a mounted weapon because it can only be created through the defense section of the survival guide. It was added in update v0.36 under the name multi-thrower to The Forest.


Once built, the player can load the catapult with items. Using the C key while item is equipped and then "mount" the catapult with the E key to fling items at an enemy. It can be difficult to aim, but with practice can be very effective.

The catapult can be used as storage of items, not just as ammunition. Using R, the player can go through a selection of items in their inventory. The catapult has been a multi storage building in the past. Due to patches consistently being released, this changes the type of items. Previously players were able to store old pots and animal heads for example, though now they no longer can. If items are stored and patches change, the items can safely be collected though they can not be re-stored in the catapult.


Catapult Stick Rope Log


As of v1.0, the catapult can only store what is consider ammunition. It can no longer store animal heads and other useful items for storage. Rocks are the most common and easy to find items to use as ammunition. Explosives will explode after being launched. It is capable of launching up to three items at once. Here is a list of recommended ammunition for the catapult:
IconRock.png Rock
IconMolotov.png Molotov
IconDynamite.png Dynamite
IconBomb.png Bomb
IconStickyBomb.png Sticky Bomb
IconHeadBomb.png Head Bomb
IconSkull.png Skull


  • Prior to v1.0, the catapult was able to store many of the games items, however this was removed for reasons not declared.
  • The catapult has 3 names, it was originally called the rock thrower when it was released in v0.35. Shortly after in v0.36 it was replaced with a new model called the Multi Thrower.
  • In the patch notes, the catapults names are Catapult, Multi Thrower, and Rock Thrower.

Known bugs[]


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Types of items that can be stored in the catapult has been limited to only ammunition

Fixed missing breaking apart effect when destroying catapult

Limited multi thrower to rocks, skulls, dynamite, molotovs and bombs

Item thrown as projectile with the catapult now use the correct pickup icon

Multi Thrower now uses grab icon instead of climb icon

v0.73 Placing a ghost catapult now requires to have enough room behind for the player to use it

Fixed dynamite going off automatically when added to catapult

v0.71 Fixed player movement getting locked if getting hit while holding the catapult
v0.68d Fixed some issues with items not appearing correctly on weapon racks or holders or in the catapult
v0.62 Contents of catapult’s basket is now saved

Repairing catapult no longer clears out the content of its item holder

v0.56 Fixed catapult not properly receiving damage hits
v0.53 Fixed rock thrower having no collision when built on a raft

Fixed rock thrower projectiles sometimes damaging player when released from thrower

v0.46 Increased range of catapult
v0.39b (multiplayer)Fixed explosives thrown via thrower sometimes kicking clients
v0.39 Changed multi-thrower holder icons to the generic add/take ones

Fixed player movement getting stuck when entering rock Thrower while crouched (Multiplayer) Fixed missing sound when reloading catapult as client

v0.37 (Multiplayer) Fixed molotovs thrown from multi-thrower not breaking correctly for clients
v0.36 Catapults name changed from rock thrower to multi thrower and/or catapult

New building: Multi Thrower ! (replaces the rock thrower) Most right hand held items can now be added to the holder. Projectiles such as bombs produce their standard effect while other items act like rocks previously did Meat picked up from multi thrower is now always spoilt (audio)New audio added for multi-thrower Catapult can now be built on the raft without it sinking

v0.35c Blocked players from opening book whilst using catapult
v0.35 Rock Thrower/Catapult added to the game (Originally called the rock thrower on release)
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