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Cassette Player
Cassette Player
Also known as
Tape Player
Added in
Item type
The Forest Map
IconTheForestMap.png - Yacht
IconTheForestCaveMap.png - Cave 2
Obtained through
Other Effects
Increases Energy
Increases Sanity
Lures cannibals & mutants
Max. Stack
Used by
Cassette Tapes

The Cassette Player (also referred to as the Walkman) plays music with cassette tapes, which gives the player energy and helps sanity, though it can attract cannibals and mutants. It was added in update v0.02 of The Forest.


To play a cassette, first you have to combine the cassette player and a cassette on the crafting matt in the middle of the Inventory, equip the cassette player and then press the Left Click. Since v0.03, you can turn off the cassette player by doing the "play" action again. Prior to the v0.08b update it played random songs, but now new tapes must be collected from locations such as the caves in order to be used.

Since v0.11 the Cassette Player can be attached to a large tree or trap by approaching to it and pressing the C key to attract nearby cannibals . You can take it again from the tree or trap pressing E. This will attract cannibals and mutants to the placed cassette player, it will not wake up sleeping cannibals, however. This is designed to lure them to an area or trap, or as a distraction. Placed cassette players will remain where they are even if a trap or tree is destroyed. If you save and exit, it will still be there.


IconTheForestMap.png - Inside the Yacht
IconTheForestCaveMap.png - Cave 2, separate cave section


It can be easily assumed that the cassette player belonged to the yacht inhabitants. The cassette player can be found there, and Tape 5 and Tape 4 can both be found on the graves that appear to belong to yacht inhabitants. Possibly the inhabitants managed to visit a few of the caves before their death, searching for the resurrection obelisk, which would explain why cassettes can be found in the caves. Alternatively, the cannibals could have dragged the tapes there like they do other goodies.


There are currently 5 cassette tapes in the world. They are as follows:


  • other players in the multiplayer can't hear each other's music on the cassette player.


  • the in-game model of the Cassette player is based on a Sony Walkman WM1.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Switched walkman to right hand to make it possible to use fire to turn it on and off! Instead of having it stuck on forever

New close map, pedometer and rewind icons to replace legacy text

v0.72 Fixed placed distraction devices and bombs not falling to ground after tree is cut down
v0.68 Fixed left hand items from clipping with body while on turtle shell sled
v0.64 Fixed missing cassette tape 5 + walkman combine recipe
v0.56 Fixed timing of start/stop walkman sometimes not synced to animation of pressing button
v0.53 Fixed story items on yacht and cassette pickups respawning even after being collected by player

Left hand items are now correctly hidden and restored when reloading flintlock

v0.50 Cassette player fake drops no longer floats mid air
v0.27 Held walkman playing music will alert nearby enemies now

Fixed placed distraction device not waking sleeping enemies

v0.24 Fixed listening to walkman music not regenerating energy (works once per in game day) + the return of the flashing outline !
v0.21c Fixed bug where equipping some items in left hand in old saved games could break items/cause items to vanish
v0.20b Fixed bug where it wasn’t possible to pull out lighter (or other left hand item) when carrying a log
v0.19 Enemies will react properly to walkman placed as a distraction device

Replaced “pedometer” input action by “Utility” which toggles latest item used from inventory of Pedometer/Walkman/Compass

v0.18 Timed Bombs can now be planted on trees/walls/traps like the walkman
v0.12 Fixed cassette player overlapping pedometer in inventory making it unselectable
v0.11 You can now use the walkman as a distraction device. Stick it to a tree, confuse your enemies! Attach to a trap and lure them to it.
v0.08b Cassette tapes are now pickups and have unique names/info in inventory. Search caves and other areas to find them.

Fixed timing issues with lighter and walkman stash anims (items would disappear before the hand was off screen)

Left hand does not play block animation if using non-stick weapon

v0.07 Weapon balancing, all weapons will be slower when holding an item in left hand (Lighter, walkman etc) faster when held with both hands. New slower axe anim in combat.
v0.03 Cassette player can now be turned off by clicking it a second time if it’s already playing

Fixed left hand held conflicts between lighter, torch walkman etc

v0.02 Cassette Player and Cassette Tapes added to the game

New surprise item added to yacht (Cassette player and tape)