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The cache photos are story items that were added in update v0.49 to The Forest.


The cache photosare a set of 8 faded polaroids revealing the locations of the flintlock pistol parts and their caches scattered across the peninsula. Each is labeled "Dig Location #<1-9>" and marked with a black "X" indicating the cache.

They can be equipped by selecting them in the inventory, where they are named "Old Photo <1-8> of 8". It is unknown why the handwriting on several of the photos does not match these numbers.

Cache Photo 1[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestCaveMap.png Photo 1 - Located in where cave 3 and cave 9 intersect. Near some old gun ammo.
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 1 - A short distance south of the main cannibal village near the edge of the cliffs over looking the ocean.

Cache Photo 2[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestCaveMap.png Photo 2 - Located at the end of cave 9
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 2 - At the end of the large peninsula, behind the Sacred Tree, near the edge of the cliff over looking the ocean.

Cache Photo 3[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestCaveMap.png Photo 3 - Inside Cave 5 (Submerged Cave), Enter the water in room with Rusty Axe and swim to the end. Climb the rope, photo is at top beside Basic Fire.
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 3 - Inside one of the huts of the Lakeside Village.

Cache Photo 4[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestCaveMap.png Photo 4 - Inside Cave 7, next to last level at the bottom, beside the rock with the hole in it
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 4 - Near the Beach Hut Village, also close to a dead shark, near where the river comes out to the ocean.

Cache Photo 5[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestCaveMap.png Photo 5 - Inside Cave 7, in the area behind the planks with the crosses. turn around from the spot where Toy Arm 2 is to see a rope going down - climb down to the third ledge to find the photo (Note*the Restraining Order is on the second ledge)
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 5 - Behind Geese Lake, a short distance from the edge of the cliff that goes down to Geese Lake.

Cache Photo 6[]

Photo Location: NEEDS LOCATION Photo 6 - INFO
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 6 - On the southernmost of the two islands near the shipping containers, be cautious swimming as there is a shark in those waters.

Cache Photo 7[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestMap.png Photo 7 - Located outside the entrance of cave 3, just before you enter the cave. It is across the river from the riverside village and the fertile lands
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 7 - Near Snow Lake in the snow area.

Cache Photo 8[]

Photo Location: IconTheForestCaveMap.png Photo 8 - Located just inside of the climbing entrance (the one near Center Village) to cave 1, in a tent
Cache Location: IconTheForestMap.png Part 8 - At the top left end of the map. Near the beach hut cannibal village but above it, near the cliff edges

Known Bugs[]

  • Cache Photo 7 is labeled as "Dig Location #8".
  • Cache Photo 8 is labeled as "Dig Location #9".
  • Cache Photo 8 cannot be picked up.

Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.49 New photo pickups showing location to hidden caches added around world and especially in caves