The Forest Wiki

A variety of bushes in The Forest provide cover for both the player and the local wildlife.

There are a variety of bushes, ferns and other foliage found in The Forest that can be chopped down with any weapon to produce leaves. Leaves have a chance to drop with each hit, so using a weapon with low damage such as an Upgraded Stick will take more hits but produce more leaves.

Bushes, like herb plants and saplings, provide camouflage if the player crouches in them, making it harder for cannibals to spot the player. Areas with many bushes can make it harder for the player to spot wildlife and enemies, and to forage for mushrooms and small herbs such as Aloe, but they also provide camouflage for the stealthy player.

Bush Varieties[]

The following table shows the number of hits to destroy each bush with an Upgraded Stick. Each hit produces 1-2 leaves. (Please feel free to add the real names if you know them!) Note: Pondweed cannot be destroyed or removed even using rock paths, and it provides no camouflage bonus.

Type Hits
Bush bushy.jpg Tall 3
Bush red.jpg Red 3
Bush longleaf.jpg Longleaf 2
Bush broadleaf.jpg Birdock Bush 1
Bush puny broadleaf.jpg Young Birdock Bush 2
Bush flowering.jpg Flowering 2
Bush serratedleaf2.jpg Maple Tree Sapling 2
Bush arctic serrated.jpg Maple Tree Sapling (with snow on it) 2
Bush lush.jpg Lush 2
Bush winter.jpg Arctic lush 2
Bush razorleaf.jpg Razorleaf 2
Bush cattail.jpg Cat tail 2
Bush whiteflower.jpg White flower 2
Bush lily.jpg Flowering Lily 2
Bush lily noflower.jpg Non-flowering Lily 2
Lavender.jpg Lavender 1
Bush hosta large.jpg Large Hosta 1
Bush hosta big.jpg Serrated leaf Hosta 3
Bush hosta variegated.jpg Variegated Hosta 3
Bush red broadleaf.jpg Red broadleaf 2
Bush pods.jpg Pod plant 3
Bush fern.jpg Fern 1
Bush pondweed.jpg Pondweed* 0

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Burnt bushes and plants now spawn the cut version with same material look/effect after burning down

Fixed berries not moving with bush in garden Added missing bush 5 billboard Fixed cut blackberry bushes falling through terrain

v0.73 Berries on bushes are now only visible when up close and not on the lod version of the models
v0.72 Fixed some bushes not blowing up when near explosions

(Multiplayer) Fixed bushes and grass not bending for client players

v0.68 (Performance) Cutting off bushes now properly brings it back to the pooling system to avoid unnecessary allocations
v0.64 Balanced Machete to be faster and more effective at cutting bushes and saplings and can now also be used to chop trees
v0.62 Fixed error in multiplayer when hitting bushes or water zones with arrows
v0.58 (Audio) Added new arrow impact sounds for when arrows hit bushes, small trees and water surfaces.
v0.57 Added snow burst particle when walking into and hitting snow bushes
v0.53 (Multiplayer) Fixed destroying garden blueberry bush not working after collecting all berries on host side
v0.48 Set bushes and small plants to no longer spawn under lakes/ponds

New textures for bush08 Fixed berry pop in for blueberry and snowberry bushes

v0.46 Improved textures on some bushes/plants
v0.42 When a bush is burning, its remaining berries are now removed
v0.36 (audio)Sticks dropped from saplings, effigies and bush2 now all make a dynamic sound when hitting ground
v0.35 Berry bushes now have touch bending!

(Multiplayer) Consuming blueberries in garden no longer removes the whole bush and instead each individual berry can be used as expected

v0.34 New item: Blueberry bush seed (can be planted in garden)
v0.32 Bush 08 mid version uses proper AO model
v0.31 AO fix for Bush 08
v0.30 Fix for bush 08 exploding when cut

New textures for bush 08 and plant 17 Bare blueberry bush added to snow area, replacing regular blueberry bush in snow Snow versions of Bush 02,03 08

v0.29 Reworked Snowberry bush
v0.28 Bushes & saplings are now properly pooled back when cut down
v0.24 Fixed an occasional bug when using pouch to collect berries causing all icons to stay visible on bushes in range
v0.20 Going back & forth towards berry bush no longer respawns berries

Eaten berries & some bushes no longer respawn after loading a saved game

v0.19 Deer can be seen nibbling at bushes sometimes
v0.18 New bush type added: Blackberry
v0.16 New bushes- replaced 2 of the worst looking bushes with new type

New blueberry bushes!

v0.12 New items added: Collectable blueberries, snowberries and twinberries (approach bushes whilst holding rabbit pouch to collect)
v0.08 Bushes will now hide player from enemy vision when crouched!

Enemies will bash away bushes looking for player when hidden from them

v0.02 Fixed some bushes missing vertex colors when cut