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Burning is a condition that can affect the player, as well as wild animals, the environment, weapons, and even the cannibals themselves.


Burning is what happens whenever a valid entity makes contact with fire.

Things like Basic Fire, Fire Pit, flaming arrows, Molotovs and Flare Gun are all capable of causing the burning condition.

Most of the axes and other melee weapons can be combined with cloth to allow the player to set them on fire. This is achieved by pressing and holding L while the weapon is equipped. Swinging the weapon will reduce the burn time.

If the player gets caught on fire, he will flail and have a hard time attacking. To immediately remove the burning condition, the player can go deep enough into water to swim or be exposed to the rain.

Fire Types[]

Fire Type Can Set Creatures
on Fire
Can Set Yourself
on Fire
Can Ignite
Certain Buildings**
IconLighter.png Lighter No No Yes
IconHairspray.png Hairspray Yes No Yes It will destroy already burning fire structure
IconMolotov.png Molotov Yes Yes Yes
IconFlareGun.png Flare Gun Yes No No When walking into a flare shot out of this gun, both enemies and players will get set on fire
IconFlare.png Flare No No No
IconIncendiarySpear.png Incendiary Spear Yes Yes Yes
IconFireArrow.png Fire Arrow Yes No Yes Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconTennisBall.png Tennis Ball Yes Yes Yes * it will burn player after igniting
IconFireUpgrade.png Fire Upgraded Weapons Yes No No * Upgraded Rock will burn player after igniting
IconBasicFire.png Basic Fire Yes Yes Complicated Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconFirePit.png Fire Pit Yes Yes Complicated Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconBonfire.png Bonfire Yes Yes Complicated Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconStandingFire.png Standing Fire No No No Standing fires found in caves will ignite creatures and the player
IconMolotovWireTrap.png Molotov Wire Trap Yes Yes Yes
IconLeafPileTrap.png Leaf Pile Trap Yes Yes Yes
IconSmallEffigy.png Small Effigy No No No
IconLargeEffigy.png Large Effigy No No No
IconArmEffigy.png Arm Effigy No No No
IconCustomEffigy.png Custom Effigy No No No

** Certain buildings can be set on fire or ignited, these include: Basic Fires, Fire Pits, Bonfires, and Standing Fires. Some buildings will be destroyed such as Hunting Shelters and Temporary Shelters. Trees and Bushes will also be destroyed. Leaf Pile Traps, Explosive Wire Traps and Molotov Wire Traps will be triggered, which will cause the trap to perform its function though they are one use only, use this to your advantage.

Burning Time[]

Fire Type No Rain Rain
IconBasicFire.png new Basic Fire 06:40 04:00
IconFirePit.png new Fire Pit 10:00 05:00
IconStandingFire.png new Standing Fire 08:20 03:20
IconBonfire.png new Bonfire 20:00 13:50
IconBasicFire.png used Basic Fire 00:33 00:20
IconFirePit.png used Fire Pit 00:50 00:25
IconStandingFire.png used Standing Fire 00:50 00:20
IconBonfire.png used Bonfire 01:40 01:05
Fire Type Burning Time
IconLeafPileTrap.png Leaf Pile Trap 00:20
IconSmallEffigy.png Small Effigy 10:00
IconLargeEffigy.png Large Effigy 20:00
IconArmEffigy.png Arm Effigy 10:00
IconCustomEffigy.png Custom Effigy 10:00-20:00

Changes Between Difficulties[]

Burning will damage player's health or armor (depending if wearing any) in 4 "ticks", meaning that the player will receive damage 4 times after being ignited. On normal mode every tick will deal 4 damage, on hard mode 8 and on hard survival mode 20 damage. Player has to be very carefull near a fire, especially on the hard survival mode as it deals 80 damage in total.

Changes in Difficulty Modes by Ratios and Percentage
NMa.png= Normal HM.png = Hard HS.png= Hard Survival
Mechanic NMa.png HM.png HS.png Description HM.png to NMa.png HS.png to NMa.png HS.png to
Fire Damage Ratio 1 2 5 Damage Amount from Fire 100.00% 400.00% 150.00%
Fire Damage Mutant Ratio 1 0.5 0.5 Fire Damage Received by Mutants -50.00% -50.00% 0.00%
Fire Damage Creepy Mutant Ratio 1 0.35 0.35 Fire Damage Received by Creepies -65.00% -65.00% 0.00%

Fire Upgrade[]

Fire upgrades were originally added in v0.08 with cloth only upgrades. In update v0.32, players were able to add cloth and booze, which increases the benefits by up to 3x times the burn length and swing amount, however this was removed without notice or reason. You can combine a weapon and cloth for a temporary fire upgrade, which can make the upgraded item serve as a light source, a heat source to prevent cold damage, and a way to set enemies on fire. The weapons you can grant the temporary fire upgrade with cloth. Include the Modern Axe, Upgraded Stick, Crafted Club, Rusty Axe, Plane Axe, Club and Crafted Axe. When pressing and holding the hotkey to activate the lighter (default L), you can light the upgraded weapon or tool on fire.

IMPORTANT: If you apply 30 upgrades to any of these weapons, you will no longer be able to attach booze for a fire upgrade.

Cloth One of these
Club Upgraded

Fire Upgrade Guide[]


Fire Upgrade Mechanics[]

To attach fire upgrades to an applicable weapon (see the below table), right click on that weapon, this will place it on the crafting mat. Right click on cloth, then click the cogwheel to combine. If you wish to upgrade it further, right click on one booze, then click the cogwheel to combine.

  • It doesn’t matter how many times a weapon with cloth or cloth and booze gets extinguished. Extinguished meaning, going into water, standing in rain, or putting it into your inventory the timer will keep getting paused and it won't remove the upgrade.
  • Adding cloth to a weapon, once it is lit, adding cloth will restart the timer and swing count

Fire Upgrade Stats[]

  • Swinging weapons reduces the time they burn for. Each swing takes a percentage off the burn length, based on how long it burns for combined with how many swings it can make before being removed.

For example, a modern axe with cloth only will swing 7 times or burns for 110 seconds before being extinguished. Based on this information, 110 divided by 7% is 14.2 which is the percentage each swing will take off the burn time which is around 15 seconds in this case. If you add cloth and booze to the modern axe, it will swing 21 times or burns for 300 seconds. 300 divided by 21% is 4.7. Therefore, each swing removes 4.7% off the burn time. Which is around 14 seconds. This is around the same amount of time as cloth only but you have an extra 190 seconds to play with. Basically, the higher the percentage number, the worse it is. For example, the rusty axe with and without booze has the highest percentage. Making it the worst weapon for burning or fire upgrades.

Weapon Burn Length Seconds Swing Amount Swing % off burn time
Modern Axe 110 7 14.2%
Upgraded Stick 240 8 12.5%
Crafted Club 110 9 11.1%
Rusty Axe 80 3 33.3%
Plane Axe 50 4 25.0%
Crafted Axe 90 4 25.0%
Upgraded Rock * * *
  • The Upgraded Rock can accept fire upgrades though it will set you on fire. It is pointless to test the lengths for this reason.


  • When on fire, cannibals will take burning damage, as if the player was still hitting them with a weapon. They will also flail and not attack the player as they attempt to put the flames out, though their flailing can damage the player.
  • If a tree takes enough burning damage it will fall down.
  • Creates light, especially in dark caves.
  • Can be used as a way to obtain bones, if you dropped some deceased cannibals on a fire. After a few moments, the cannibal will disintegrate into bones for you to use for early armor.


  • While it deals low health damage, it burns off lizard skin at an alarming rate.
  • Causes a burning player to flinch as if hit, leaving them vulnerable to another attack if engaged in combat with cannibals.
  • Rarely, cannibals can throw flaming tennis balls at the player, which will result in the player burning.


It is wise to have your favorite axe wrapped in cloth just in case the player is ambushed by a group of cannibals, as merely running into a cannibal with a burning weapon is enough to ensure they are either killed by the fire or, at the very least, extremely weakened.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.11 (Multiplayer) Players can now set each other on fire with fire weapons
v1.10 Fixed fire damage audio getting stuck on sometimes when killing end boss

Optimized cpu usage on fire warmth system

v1.09 (multiplayer) Fixed issue with flame thrower not always setting enemies on fire for clients
v1.08 Fixed stashing a weapon while lighting it on fire possibly breaking the burning upgrade and also possibly leaving lighter in a state it cannot light any weapon on fire anymore
v1.0 Burning weapons are no longer extinguished when entering caves and climbing ropes

Molotov’s and held burning weapons are no longer extinguished by rain

Fixed scale of headless burnt bodies

Burnt bushes and plants now spawn the cut version with same material look/effect after burning down

Burning plants are now considered as destroyed immediately and fire can no longer be cancelled by walking away to trigger a LOD change

New base fire effect. New molotov fire effect. Replaced also player on fire and enemies on fire with new fire effects!

Improved look of held weapon fire and added distortion effect

v0.73 Fixed end boss not appearing on fire for clients
v0.71 Fixed partially burnt plants that are returned to the pooling system after going away before it finished burning not resetting the burn effect properly and looking partially burnt when reused

(Performance) Plant burning system no longer needs to duplicate materials

Fixed enemies being difficult to set on fire when caught in a HBD trap

v0.70 Fixed burning bodies in sled causing body to burn forever

Fixed bodies on fire not blowing up from explosives

v0.69 (Audio) Polished audio events for molotov, flare and dynamite when holding and then throwing. Flares also now emit a burning sfx after thrown.
v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed fire not visible on burning animals for clients

Stand & rockpit fires are no longer destroyed after burning out and don’t turn into a half built ghost after being hit when lit

(Multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies and some enemies not appearing on fire when burnt to death

Fixed players able to be set on fire while swimming

v0.65 Fixed standing fire doubling up after burning out/getting destroyed
v0.63 (DS) Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in burning animation on dedicated server games.
v0.62 Fixed birds not being set on fire when shot with flare gun

Effigies can now be repaired (preserving the on fire state)

v0.57 Fixed enemies sometimes ragdolling incorrectly when burning to death
v0.53 (Multiplayer) Fixed burning a shelter causing client to get kicked
v0.50 (Balance) Hard AI setting: fire damage ratio 50% of normal

(Balance) Hard AI setting: creepy fire damage 35% of normal

(Balance) Hard survival setting: player fire damage x2 from normal

v0.42 When a bush is burning, its remaining berries are now removed

Fixed tortoises not dying when set on fire

v0.40 (audio) Fixed missing creepy mutant burning sfx for clients
v0.39 Fixed molotov/burning weapons sometimes getting put out when player has water at ankle level
v0.38 Burning weapons are now put out and can be relit for remaining burn duration when entering a water trigger

Burning weapons are now put out and can be relit for remaining burn duration when stashed (i.e. when climbing rope)

v0.37 Audio – Fixed player burning vocals not being synced in multiplayer

Audio – added squeal to burning babies when they die

v0.35 (Performance) Reduced allocations involved in the tree burning process

(Audio)Tuned volume and distance setting for mutant corpse burning on campfire

v0.34 (Audio) New burning bodies and bones breaking apart sound added

Player can no longer be cold and wet while being on fire

v0.33 Only fuel based fire weapons (such as molotov) will now cause enemies to flail around on fire, otherwise they will receive fire damage, stagger back but still remain able to attack
v0.32 Added upgrade recipes to all items with the burning weapon upgrade: Add booze (after cloth, as a second upgrade) to triple burn duration and slightly increase light intensity
v0.31 Fixed burning player not removing leaves of stealth armor

Burning body now yields 2 bones from torso

Staying in a fire now properly keeps burning player until death or getting out

(Multiplayer) Fixed burning trees

v0.30 Male and female bodies can now be burned by being dropped on a burning fire, after burning with provide 4 bones and 1 skull

Lowered weapon fire light intensity

v0.28 New building: Leaf pile trap ! (costs 50 leaves, once built can be set on fire for 20s

(Audio) added on fire, hurt and death sounds for Armsy

v0.26 Improved look of molotov burning cloth – now correctly uses 2 sided material

Improved accuracy of bonfire collision and its fire damage range

v0.25 (audio) Sigh relief sound effect is now played when the player extinguishes being on fire by entering a water volume

Fixed strange shading on fire built model due to wrong occlusion map

Fixed weapon fire light having a really big range and lighting up entirety of caves!

Fixed spamming the “Lighter” action with a fire arrow equipped creating several fires over time (could eventually cause fire to stay on forever and enemies to get caught on fire when poked with the fire arrow)

v0.23d Fix for burning arrows kicking clients
v0.23 (multiplayer) Players can now see each other fire arrows and other burning projectiles properly

New art added: Improved burning log (used for bonfire)

Decreased fire damage to all mutant types

(Audio) Added player on fire hurt sounds

(Audio) Added lighting molotov sound and improved its held on fire sound

Player can now set tennis balls on fire !

v0.22 (multiplayer) Fixed bug where mutants could get stuck in burning animation (which could also be mistaken as disco-dancing)
v0.21 (multiplayer) Fixed enemy animation being buggy for client if they died when on fire.
v0.20 Burning stick now stays lit 4 minutes when not attacking

Improved burning weapon formula fire scale formula to look better with higher durations

Overcooking arms or legs on fire will turn them into bones eventually

v0.19 Burning weapons & arrows no longer burn things when not attacking with it

Burning weapon stay up longer when idle but use fuel quickly when attacking

Burning arrows no longer damage owner player when fired

Fixed fires not being lightable after burning out once

v0.17 Fixed plants not burning away and instead popping off

Improved look of burning tree materials

v0.16 Fixed fire particles staying up after cutting down a burning tree
v0.14 Fixed issue that would eventually cause a massive lag after burning trees down

Enemies will now switch to a burnt material when set on fire

v0.13 Lowered damage amount molotovs do to Armsy. Setting Armsy on fire will cause him to become enraged, running around or attacking the player

Fixed flare gun not setting enemies on fire

v0.08d Fixed fire on effigies not burning birds or player
v0.08b Fixed missing audio on weapon fire
v0.07 Trees will tumble over if burnt now and added new burning material with embers

Tree leaves will now burn away correctly when on fire

v0.06 Raised player fire damage amount

Enemies should set themselves on fire less often

v0.02 Fixed shelter on fire spawning infinite logs