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Burning is a condition that can affect the player, as well as wild animals, the environment, weapons, and even the cannibals themselves.


Burning is what happens whenever a valid entity makes contact with fire.

Things like Basic Fire, Fire Pit, flaming arrows, Molotovs and Flare Gun are all capable of causing the burning condition.

Weapons like the Plane Axe, Modern Axe, and Upgraded Stick can be combined with cloth to allow the player to set them on fire. This is achieved by pressing and holding "L" while the weapon is equipped. Swinging the weapon will reduce the burn time.

If the player gets caught on fire, he will flail and have a hard time attacking. To immediately remove the burning condition, the player can go deep enough into water to swim.

Fire Type Can Set Creatures
on Fire
Can Set Yourself
on Fire
Can Ignite
Certain Buildings**
IconHairspray.png Hairspray Yes No Yes It will destroy already burning fire structure
IconMolotov.png Molotov Yes Yes Yes
IconFlareGun.png Flare Gun Yes No No When walking into a flare shot out of this gun, both enemies and players will get set on fire
IconFlare.png Flare No No No
IconIncendiarySpear.png Incendiary Spear Yes Yes Yes
IconFireArrow.png Fire Arrow Yes No Yes Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconFireUpgrade.png Fire Upgraded Weapons Yes No No
IconBasicFire.png Basic Fire Yes Yes Complicated Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconFirePit.png Fire Pit Yes Yes Complicated Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconBonfire.png Bonfire Yes Yes Complicated Will ignite leaf pile traps
IconStandingFire.png Standing Fire No No No Standing fires found in caves will ignite creatures and the player
IconMolotovWireTrap.png Molotov Wire Trap Yes Yes Yes
IconLeafPileTrap.png Leaf Pile Trap Yes Yes Yes

** Certain buildings can be set on fire or ignited, these include: Basic Fires, Fire Pits, Bonfires, and Standing Fires. Some buildings will be destroyed such as Hunting Shelters and Temporary Shelters. Trees and Bushes will also be destroyed. Leaf Pile Traps, Explosive Wire Traps and Molotov Wire Traps will be triggered, which will cause the trap to perform its function though they are one use only, use this to your advantage.


  • When on fire, cannibals will take burning damage, as if the player was still hitting them with a weapon. They will also flail and not attack the player as they attempt to put the flames out, though their flailing can damage the player.
  • If a tree takes enough burning damage it will fall down.
  • Creates light, especially in dark caves.
  • Can be used as a way to obtain bones, if you dropped some deceased cannibals on a fire. After a few moments, the cannibal will disintegrate into bones for you to use for early armor.


  • While it deals low health damage, it burns off lizard skin at an alarming rate.
  • Causes a burning player to flinch as if hit, leaving them vulnerable to another attack if engaged in combat with cannibals.
  • Rarely, cannibals can throw flaming tennis balls at the player, which will result in the player burning.


It is wise to have your favorite axe wrapped in cloth just in case the player is ambushed by a group of cannibals, as merely running into a cannibal with a burning weapon is enough to ensure they are either killed by the fire or, at the very least, extremely weakened.

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Burning weapons are no longer extinguished when entering caves and climbing ropes

Molotov’s and held burning weapons are no longer extinguished by rain

Fixed scale of headless burnt bodies

Burnt bushes and plants now spawn the cut version with same material look/effect after burning down

Burning plants are now considered as destroyed immediately and fire can no longer be cancelled by walking away to trigger a LOD change