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Sus scrofa
Also known as
Wild pig
Added in
Central and northern parts of the peninsula
2 Meat
1 Boar Head
1 Boar Skin
Charges at the player when provoked, dealing medium damage.

Boars are hostile animals that were added in update v0.15 to The Forest


Similar to the crocodile, the boar is an aggressive animal capable of attacking and damaging the player. If the player stays in the vicinity of a boar for too long, it will make a squealing sound and start to charge towards the player. If the boar hits the player with its charge, it deals 15 points damage to the player without armor. Charge attack can also remove a piece of worn armor. After a charge (regardless of whether it successfully hits the player), the animal retreats a small distance before attacking again or wandering off.

Caution is advised as boars tend to spawn in groups of two or three, allowing for a possible surprise attack if one boar is evaded and a second one comes around, though this is highly unlikely to happen in hard survival mode because of reduced animal spawn. When killed, 2 meat can be collected from them and their head can be picked up and used to create a decoration.

Boar Meat Boar


Boars only appear in the northern half of the peninsula. They usually can be found roaming north of the river up into the Mountain Area. Boars are the most substantial food source in the mountain area along with the deer, as other larger animals don't spawn that far north.


As mentioned above, hunting boars can provide a steady amount of meat with a relatively low amount of work. When approaching the boar while running, or directly following a missed attack, the boar will attempt to flee. Fleeing boars run in semi-unpredictable paths, but as they are slower than the player's sprint, it can be quite easy to kill one. With an upgraded spear or katana, the boar will always take a single hit to kill, but can take up to two hits to kill with a plane axe.

Another choice is to range the boar using a crafted bow or modern bow and arrow or simply throwing a spear. Because of its relatively large size, it is quite an easy target.

Known Bugs[]

  • Sometimes boars seem to ignore the player, not attacking at all.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed some held animal heads in wrong position on other players

New art added: skinned boar

New icons added for slingshot, hairspray, raccoon and boar skin

You can now retrieve boar and racoon skins! And carry 10 of each in inventory

v0.70 Increased speed and hit damage from boars

Fixed boars sometimes not targetting player correctly when attacking

v0.65 Animals now appear bloody when struck

(DS) Fixed animal pool not getting cleaned up properly when leaving the game to title screen, leaving further runs with no visible animals when playing as client

v0.64 Audio – Flintlock bullets now have impact sfx for plants, mutants, animals and other world objects.
v0.63 (multiplayer) Improved performance issue when hitting animals with arrows

(multiplayer) Fixed Arrows stuck in animals not being synced correctly between players

v0.62 Fixed boars not moving at all after being hit

Fixed animals not reacting to being struck by thrown rocks or low damage weapons All animals now explode into chunks when hit by explosives (Multiplayer) Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players

v0.27 You can now collect a boar's head to make a trophy.

Fixed missing collision on drying racks, rock holder, cannibal village old fires, pig head sticks, and hollow logs

v0.19 Boar attacks and feet sounds added.
v0.18 Moved boars to only appear in top half of map.
v0.17 (multiplayer) fixed bug where boars could appear as deers on client pcs
v0.15b Decreased the number of boars in the world, ragdolls properly turn off over time, and visual improvements to boar ragdolls.
v0.15 Boars added to the game.

New creature added: Wild pig!

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