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Bluebird, cardinal, crow, robin
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Bluebird, cardinal, crow, goose, robin, seagull
All around the peninsula. See Types section for more info.
3-5 Feathers
1 Small Meat
1 Seagull Head (Seagull only)
Spawns normally mid-air.

Birds refer to a variety of airborne, feathered animals found in nearly every location above ground in The Forest. They provide feathers, which are crucial for crafting arrows, and can be killed for small meat or, in case of the seagull, animal heads.


Birds can be seen flying around in nearly every place around the peninsula. As they fly, they can drop single feathers which are used in crafting, and they will also drop between 3 and 5 feathers if killed, which will then float up and away from the bird's body and have to be caught out of the air. Most commonly, birds will land on the ground, stay for a while, and then depart back into the sky. They will also land on various scenery objects, as rocks, and player made structures such as shelters or log sleds. When killing a bird that has landed on one of your structures especially on the top of the hunting shelter which they're attracted to, consider using the repair tool to kill them to avoid damaging your structure. Special rules apply for some types of birds, as seagulls can be seen only around the coasts and lakes, and crows seem to be attracted by corpses lying around. Birds have a tendency to land on mutant corpses especially right after the player kills a mutant, even when the player carries the corpse into a fire to rid of it and get bones. This occurrence can be used by the player to attract birds and obtain feathers, but this isn't advised because it requires a mutant to be killed, possibly attracting more mutants in the area and making them more aggressive. Be careful when you try to hit birds on a flaming corpse on a fire as you can also hit the fire, damaging it and even destroying it so use the repair tool to avoid this.When approached, there is a rather high chance a bird will be spooked and immediately fly away. When fast enough, the player can still catch up on a departing bird and strike it. The most effective way to hunt and kill birds is to do a downward attack which is executed by looking down and attacking with a melee weapon while they're on the ground, similar to opening locked suitcases. The katana works best for this as it has a very fast swing speed. It is possible to hit and kill birds while they're flying mid-air, so the slingshot is recommended for this as it can propel small rocks faster and more accurately rather than throwing small rocks with your bare hands. All birds can be killed with a single hit from any weapon, arrow, throwable rock, or slingshot.

The player can build a birdhouse that will attract birds and leave feathers behind for the player:

Log Stick

When killed, birds provide the following:

Birds Small
Seagull Small Meat Feathers Seagull
Goose Meat Feathers Goose


There are some variations of birds on the peninsula, all of them featuring a unique appearance and some providing special items or showing slightly different behaviour from the rest. Below is list of all currently present animals classifiable as birds.

Name Image Location Notes
Mountain bluebird
(Sialia currucoides)
BlueBirdFarket.png Pretty much all around the peninsula. A blue bird, showing no special behaviour.
Northern cardinal
(Cardinalis cardinalis)
RedBirdFarket.png Pretty much all around the peninsula. A red bird, showing no special behaviour.
Canada goose
(Branta canadensis)
GooseFarket.png Close to lakes, particularly the goose lake. The only bird that lands on water. Namesake of the goose lake southwest of the sinkhole.
Northwestern crow
(Corvus brachyrhynchos caurinus)
CrowFarket.png Appears more frequently in wooded areas. Typically seen around corpses. Because of its tendency to spawn near to corpses, the crow can be spotted frequently when in proximity of a cannibal village.
American robin
(Turdus migratorius)
BrownBirdFarket.png Pretty much all around the peninsula. A brown bird, showing no special behaviour. Sometimes referred to as the "songbird" amongst players.
Glaucous gull
(Larus hyperboreus)
SeagullFarket.png On the shores or near lakes. Listed as "Glaucous Winged Gull" in the nature guide. Yields a seagull head if killed and butchered.


  • There is an idle animation featuring the player raising his hand to have a bird land on it. It flaps its wings several times before venturing back into the sky. Birds seen this way seem to not be killable, as they serve as decoration.
  • Birds can be killed by the repair tool, even though it is not considered a weapon.

Known Bugs[]

  • If the player is around a group of birds, and wields a lighter and an axe, a bird will come and appear to be floating because both hands are occupied and the left arm does not show up.[confirmation needed]
  • Similarly, there is a bug where a bird will continuously land and fly away without relent.
  • Currently, the AI of the birds will cause many to keep landing in the same spot over and over, which allows for easy feather collecting.
  • Birds have been known to land on fires and torches, and well as flaming effigies.
  • Birds can quite regularly be seen landing in thin air.
  • Sometimes, when spooked on a gradient, a bird will fly into the ground.
  • Birds can commonly be seen flying through solid structures, e.g. rocks, trees, or player-built objects.
  • Another quite frequent bug involves a bird getting stuck in a loop in its flying animation, turning in small circles in the sky.
  • A somewhat common glitch involves geese occasionally swimming in random places inland, and very rarely in the caves.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed some held animal heads in wrong position on other players
v0.73 Fixed birds sometimes landing on perch targets that have already been destroyed
v0.70 (multiplayer) Fixed birds disappearing if shot with a flare gun as client

Fixed birds sitting on structures not flying away when structure is damaged or destroyed

(Hard Survival)Reduced amount of turtles and birds in hard survival mode

Lowered amount of bird landing spots on birdhouse

v0.67 Fixed bone arrow feathers missing alpha channel and some birds missing alpha channels
v0.65 Fixed bird landing on hand misaligned while holding the flintlock or flaregun
v0.63 New building: Bird house! Once built will attract birds, who will likely drop feathers
v0.62 (Multiplayer) Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players

Fixed birds sometimes flying underneath the ground

Fixed birds not being set on fire when shot with flare gun

v0.58 (Multiplayer) Fixed clients sometimes not seeing many birds compared to host

Fixed wrong attack animation sometimes playing when attacking with a bird on player hand

v0.55 (Multiplayer) Fixed birds sometimes not playing flying animation for clients
v0.54 Birds can now land on the cannibal art scattered around the world

(Multiplayer) Birds are now synced properly in multiplayer games

v0.53 Fixed player not grabbing log sled correctly if a bird is landing on his finger at the same time
v0.42 Fixed birds sometimes flying in small circles(Multiplayer) Fixed bird on hand not appearing on other players

Fixed bird on hand not motion blurring correctly

v0.36 Feathers are now detached from bird ragdolls thus remaining active even after small meat has been picked up

Improved skinning on small bird wings

v0.35 Now Seagulls give Small Generic Meat when harvested.

(Multiplayer) Fixed birds flying into fires for client

Fixed bird landing on hand breaking the lighting campfire sequence

New item: Small generic meat ! Can be cooked on fires. Dropped from Squirrels and most birds. Yields lower fullness, health and energy when eaten than other meats

(Audio) Improved and balanced bird chirps sound effects

v0.34 Blocked bird from landing on player hand while survival book is open

Birds will attempt to avoid flying through trees and structures now

v0.31b Dead birds no longer provide meat
v0.31 Birds and squirrels now yield 1 meat

Birds no longer land on bodies that have been dropped on a fire

New bird types added to world

v0.30 Temp crow art replaced with new crow bird model
v0.29 Birds can now land on and peck at dead bodies

New art added: Reworked bird texture (bird land on finger)

Crow bird type added to game (placeholder art)

v0.27 Seagull head can be harvested.

(Audio) improved small birds flying sound

(Audio) Mixing on: small bird on hand

v0.25 Fixed birds perching on other birds

Lowered chance of birds clumping onto perch targets on built items

v0.24 (Audio) Seagulls make individual sounds.

Reduced maximum amount of feathers you can get from hitting dead birds with rocks

v0.21 (audio) Sound effects for bird landing on finger added

Birds can now be killed with explosives

v0.20 (Audio) Seagull audio improved.

Fixed bird landing on hand if lighter was out

v0.16 Dead birds now have a chance of spawning feathers when hit
v0.13 Birds are no longer active while inside a cave

Slightly larger hit colliders on birds and stick weapon, makes it easier to kill grounded birds with a stick

v0.08d Fixed fire on effigies not burning birds or player

Fixed feathers being hit away by weapon when killing birds making it hard to collect them

v0.08 Improved bird reactions to player, should fly away when you approach
v0.06b Fixed birds getting faster and faster over time
v0.06 Fixed lizards & birds vanishing when close to edge of screen
v0.05 Fixed lizards & birds vanishing when close to edge of screen

Birds now spawn feathers when killed

v0.04 Fixed bug where bird landing on hand would sometimes stop axe from working
v0.03 Birds will now land on window ledge of your built log cabin
v0.02 Birds can be killed with fire

Fixed birds landing in sky, improved bird a.i. and performance

v0.01 Most Birds added to the game

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