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Big Lake
Big lake digit.jpg
Big Lake as viewed from the north
Official Names
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Player Given Names
Big Lake
Center of the map
The Forest Map

Big Lake is a large lake located to the north of the Sinkhole and directly east of the Land Bridge. It is a very large lake that forms part of the River and is one of the more dangerous places to build in the game.

When in water the player can't attack animals/enemies, open the inventory or survival guide, carry logs or log sled, or do practically anything besides swim. The player can however place blueprints underwater, provided they were selected from the survival guide prior to entering the water.




Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.10 Improved look of large lake in middle of world
v1.0 Improved look of the big lake in game that crosses world
v0.51 Improved navigation mesh quality around geese lake and other lakes
v0.46 Improved nav mesh around big lakes area
v0.27 (Art) North and south of the big lake, terrain polish and added grass
v0.26 Terrain and detail improvements for section above big lake
v0.24 Terrain – fixing some areas with holes, fixing some cliffs misaligned. Improving look of area around big lake.
v0.18 Moved boars to only appear in top half of map, tortoises now only around lake zone

Removed blocking near big lake

v0.10 Improved some environment art, started implementing better cliffs in some areas and higher detail rocks. Added new lake zone.