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Berries are fruits that can be found almost everywhere on the peninsula surface. They can be eaten directly or collected in pouches. The player can also plant collected blueberries in gardens.


It is possible to eat the toxic varieties, though with a delayed after effect, the player loses a portion of health. Furthermore, the game interacts with the player if the wrong Berries are eaten by playing an 'arrrgh' sound, letting the player know the Berries are toxic. Eating a poisonous berry can result in injury or even death if the players health is low enough.
There're 4 berry varieties to be found on the peninsula:

Blueberry Bush[]

Blueberries or Vaccinium Ovalifolium which are edible. They're light blue and grow on large oval dark green leaved bushes where they form together in clusters and have a little crown tip on the top.

Twinberry Bush[]

Twinberries or Lonicera Involucrata: a kind of berry that when eaten will poison the player. The poisonous berries also grow on bushes, however they only cluster together in pairs of two and are a dark, shiny blue almost to the point of black and have orange triangular leaves just before the berry cluster.

Snowberry Bush[]

Snowberries or Symphoricarpos Albus. These are also poisonous berries and look similar to the blueberries, but have small light green leaves and white berries.

Blackberry Bush[]

Blackberries or Rubus Ursinus which are black segmented berries on drooping thorny vines, with sparse green leaves in groups of three. As of v0.72, they can be collected in pouches. These berries are also edible.

Known Bugs[]

  • Sometimes, once you pick wild berry bushes they will appear to still have berries on them until you get close enough
  • Some berry bushes can launch the player in the air while using Log Sled