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Beaches are sandy locations at most edges of the peninsula. Turtles and seagulls are the primary food-source spawns, though fish too can spawn in the water.

Luggage, as well as loose items such as soda, booze, and cloth can be found scattered around several beaches, sometimes with tents from abandoned campsites nearby. This can be attributed to plane luggage and materials washing ashore, or in some cases, the items are the remnants of beach camp sites. Because of this, and because the cannibals can't swim, beaches can make an ideal base location, similar to being back up to a cliff with one side inaccessible by the mutants and cannibals. However, beaches with lookout posts often have a high cannibal presence, which would make them a battleground if the player chose to camp there.

The yacht is always moored next to a beach with several suitcases.

Dead sharks can also be found washed ashore.

Notable Beach Landmarks[]

  • the moored anchor
  • the Yacht bay
  • the shipping containers west
  • the washed up packages east