The Forest Wiki

A base is a common term for where the player keeps his valuables and hides out from the cannibals. Bases range in complexity from small hunting shelters with one or two drying racks and water collectors, or huge masterpieces that take several players a few real life days to build, with plenty of traps for defense, gigantic stone walls, and enough food and water to last days inside.

Typical Base Features[]

  • Near some type of food source, be it rabbits, deer, or fish
  • Near some type of water source (OR with a few Water Collectors)
  • Near a log source, particularly downhill from trees so that the logs can roll easily into camp
  • Away from areas frequented by Cannibal Patrols (or, alternatively, on a patrol path if the player would like a challenge)
  • Against a cliff and/or a deep body of water, providing protection from one or more sides

Common Base Locations[]

"Unique", or Uncommon Base Locations[]

  • in the river or ocean as a series of platforms with supplies on top, usually accessible by one or two walkways
  • around or in a cannibal camp, for the challenge of the fight or for ease of supplies in a pacifist game mode
  • inside of walk-in cave entrances (building a log holder in the entrance to pass logs in)
  • on an island, stopping any cannibals from getting to you.