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Axes are a type of tool/weapon that are very important to surviving on the peninsula in The Forest. Axes are used to cut down trees for logs and smaller trees for sticks. They are also used in combat to not only attack the cannibals, but to block and defend from attacks as well.

The player receives their first axe, the plane axe, shortly after starting the game. The others can be acquired by the player over time, through either crafting or cave exploration.

All axes can be combined with cloth so as to light the axe on fire, serving as a more deadly weapon but also a light source. Booze can be added in order to lengthen the amount of time that the axe is burning.

The modern axe is the most efficient axe to cut down trees, as it takes only nine hits. A plane axe will take 17 hits.

List of Axes[]

IconCraftedAxe.png Crafted Axe
IconPlaneAxe.png Plane Axe
IconRustyAxe.png Rusty Axe
IconModernAxe.png Modern Axe
IconClimbingAxe.png Climbing Axe - Cannot cut down trees
IconMachete.png Machete - Technically works as an axe as it can cut down trees