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Alpine Tree House
Alpine Tree House
Also known as
Chalet Style Treehouse
Chalet Treehouse
Added in
Building Type
Tree House
Tree Bridge
Climbing Rope
Protection from rain
General Protection
Requires a Tree
If Tree is destroyed its destroys the Alpine Tree House
Other Effects
Buildable on

The alpine tree house is an elevated structure and shelter that is built on trees. It was added in update v0.08 of The Forest.


The alpine tree house is one of several types of shelters in this game. This is similar to the standard tree house, however, the alpine tree house offers a triangular roof, a balcony to observe the forest from, and guard rails. Like other shelters, the alpine tree house provides the player with an area to sleep and save their progress, while also serving as a safe haven to escape from cannibals.

The alpine tree house is a very safe shelter because creatures are unable to climb the rope. This shelter provides great vantage point to scout out enemy movement, but if fire is lit inside at night, that makes player visible for a long distance.

As of v0.40 if the player gets chased by mutants into his/hers tree house they will attack the base of the tree to collapse the entire structure, which can result in significant resource loss. Previous to v0.40, mutants would crowd below elevated structures, unable to reach them. This was most likely the result of a bug that was fixed in v0.40. It is best to consult each mutants page to see surface combat techniques and additional information.

  • The Alpine Tree House can be attached to other elevated platforms, the rope is removable during construction, and there is an anchor mark.
  • To have a place to sleep (pressing and holding Z if available)
  • To regain energy and restore fatigue by sleep
  • To save your progress (pressing and holding C)
  • All shelters come with a house overlay icon which marks its location, it can be seen anywhere in the game world. This is advantageous to the player when adventuring, so they can always find their way home. The player can press R on this icon to change its color, or change it to ‘grey’ to switch the icon off.


Stick Log Rope

Known Bugs[]

  • Tree houses may not snap to trees, making them impossible to build in certain areas
  • Sometimes tree branches are not destroyed upon finishing the building, making it difficult to move inside of the treehouse as your view is filled with leaves and branches inside the shelter


  • Prior to v0.10, the alpine tree houses used ladder to access them. In the v0.10 update, this was replaced by rope.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 (Multiplayer) Fixed buildings placed on tree structures not properly removed if the tree is destroyed

Fixed position of anchor icons for all elevated structures

v0.73 Fixed cases of building treehouses on dead trees, allowing players to climb down through world
v0.68 (Performance) Overlay icons logic is now batched to reduce the CPU overhead cost (should help on games with lots of shelters, cabins, tree houses, beds, stick marker, sleds with the overlay icon turned on)
v0.62 Switched stick marker and sled flag icons to new system (same has house icon on shelters). On the first time loading an old save it tries to match the former color to the closest available color

Fixed tree house branch clearing being undone when tree was cut

v0.58 Added new home icon UI to tree houses
v0.55 Fixed player not disconnecting from treehouse rope if treehouse was destroyed
v0.45 It is now possible to nest small buildings in both treehouses (considered dynamic, so it has same limitations as the houseboat)
v0.44 Tree house, Tree House Chalet and Tree Platform can now be toggled with the “Rotate” button after being placed on a tree (but still in ghost mode) to a version in which rope has been replaced by an anchor !
v0.32 Overlay icons (ie. shelter house icon) now check if they are above or below terrain and only show up when appropriate
v0.28 (Performance) New lod added for firestand built and treehouse built
v0.26d Fixed case of partially built treehouses causing issue on loaded games/inability to add items to them or complete them due to them using the old stairs ghost model
v0.26 Fixed treehouse ghost meshes containing old stairs mesh instead of rope mesh

Fixed anchorable rope/tree houses/tree platform climb rope icon overlapping with rope model Tree houses & platform now automatically position their rope above ground like anchorable rope does

v0.24 (Audio) Added creaking ambient sound to Tree House and Tree Platform structures, sound responds to wind intensity.
v0.23 Fixed building not working in both tree houses
v0.16 Fixed Treehouse + Treehouse Chalet floor not buildable
v0.15 Fixed bug where player could sometimes climb down rope out of world if tree house was placed on a slope
v0.13 Tree houses now require rope to build
v0.12 Fixed tree houses not falling when tree is cut down after loading
v0.10 Removed steps from tree houses! Replaced with climbable hanging ropes.
v0.08d Tree structures (tree houses) are now destroyed when the tree they’re on is cut down
v0.08b Fixed bug where selecting tree houses in book multiple times without actually building them could break building other items
v0.08 Alpine Treehouse added to the game

New buildable item: Chalet Style Treehouse

v0.07 Treehouse added to the game

Tree house blueprint added

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