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Air Canister
Air Canister
Also known as
Air Tank
Added in
Item type
The Forest Map
IconTheForestMap.png on the surface
IconTheForestCaveMap.png in the caves
Obtained through
Other Effects
Refills Rebreather
Max. Stack
Max. Capacity
300 seconds

The Air Canister (also known as Air Tank) is an item that is used to refill the rebreather. It was added in update v0.14 of The Forest.


To replace the current tank, simply press Left Mouse Button on a new tank. This will only fill the oxygen bar back to 300, however, as the meter will never go above 300 seconds, meaning remaining air from the previous canister is lost. Air canisters are needed to progress the game as some locations cannot be reached without extended diving, for instance in Cave 3 - Wet Cave or Cave 5 - Submerged Cave. A single air canister holds 300 seconds of air. It is possible to finish game on a speed run with only one air canister.

Currently, the player can hold up to 4 air canisters in the inventory.


Air canisters can be found on the yacht or in caves, most often in locations near a deep pool of water. There are many in Cave 5, where the rebreather is located.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.54 Cave 3 lighting pass, extra planks, extra floating items, old pot prefabs, air canisters to flooded room, fixed missing climbing wall, added swim out area to above ground
v0.53 (Balance) Set rebreather max air to 300 seconds (from 600)
v0.50 It is no longer possible to use air canister while not carrying a rebreathing
v0.44 (Audio) Added new sound for air tank dropping when inventory is full
v0.34 Fixed Rope, Circuit boards, air canisters and booze vanishing when players attempt to pick them up whilst already holding maximum. Will now spawn dropped version.
v0.31 Fixed rebreather not getting picked up when inventory already full of air canisters
v0.20 Using air canister while underwater and rebreather isn’t in use (if it was out of air) now actually reloads it
v0.19 Balance – removed rebreather pickups from overworld, can now only be found in cave location. Modern axe removed from yacht. Air canister added to yacht location. Removed old axe in wooden door at cave entrance. Changed cave dead to always be in cave 2 location. Removed lights from cave hats. Re-worked pickups in cave 1 dead room.
v0.14 Air Canisters and Rebreather Added to the game