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The Forest received its first set of Steam achievements in update v0.64 that included 45, six of which are hidden that do not display information on how they are obtained. Some achievements can only be earned in multiplayer mode. The regular achievements can be earned in multiplayer mode as well, but are reportedly bugged.

Most achievements do not require their own dedicated page due to their simplicity. Though some have pages as there is helpful information involved to obtaining the achievement.

Name Icon Description Guide
Be Nice Be Nice.jpg Share a food or drink item in MP (Multiplayer Only) Combine your metal tin tray with any food or drink item on the crafting mat and equip it, then have another player collect the item from the tray.
Be Extremely Nice Be Extremely Nice.jpg Share a weapon in MP (Multiplayer Only) Combine your metal tin tray with any weapon such as a crafted club on the crafting mat and equip it, then have another player collect the item from the tray.
First Responder First Responder.jpg Revive one co-op player (Multiplayer Only) Revive one player in multiplayer mode, must be done before they die. Players who die to sharks or drowning cannot be revived.
Medic Medic.jpg Revive ten players in co-op (Multiplayer Only) Revive ten players in multiplayer mode, must be done before they die. Players who die to sharks or drowning cannot be revived.
Camp Out Camp Out.jpg Sleep with another player (group sleep) (Multiplayer Only) You need to sleep in the same shelter as at least one other player to get this achievement.
Minor Cannibalism Minor Cannibalism.jpg Eat an enemy Requires you to eat 2 arms and 2 legs. Can be cooked on a fire or possible stewed. Cutting limbs will reduce sanity by 1 per limb and eating limbs will reduce it 3 per limb. Dried limbs will not count.
Major Cannibalism Major Cannibalism.jpg Eat an entire family Requires you to eat 12 arms and 12 legs. Can be cooked on a fire or possible stewed. Cutting limbs will reduce sanity by 1 per limb and eating limbs will reduce it 3 per limb. Dried limbs will not count.
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter.jpg Kill all animal types and display heads See Head Trophy or Animal Heads (Goose heads are difficult to obtain).
Splatter Splatter.jpg Killed downed enemy with rock Must use a plain rock, not the Upgraded Rock.
Choppy Chop Choppy Chop.jpg Chop up 50 bodies For each body, you need to remove all their limbs. I.e. both arms and both legs.
Commercial Fisherman Commercial Fisherman.jpg Kill 6 or more fish with a stick of dynamite The small ponds in the game only contain 3-4 fish at a time. To complete this achievement, you have to find fish spawns either in the large rivers (Geese Lake) or on the coastline. When you find a big enough group of fish, light a stick of dynamite and toss it near the water, as close to the group as possible. Careful, however, to not chuck it into the water, as it will extinguish the dynamite. Alternatively, you can use bombs, as you can throw them into water.
Serial Killer Serial Killer.jpg Kill 100 cannibals While most people will naturally complete this achievement by playing a longer single player or multiplayer game, the quickest way to complete it is by setting up some traps in a high traffic area and lighting a bonfire to attract large groups of cannibals.
Bite me! Bite me!.jpg Kill shark Kill a shark. One sticky bomb will stick to the shark and kill it. Ranged weapons are also recommended. A shark will kill a player in 2-3 bites. They cannot be attacked under water. They are only found in select areas of the sea.
Monster Monster.jpg Kill a bunny Currently, this achievement can only be successfully done in single player mode. The quickest way to complete this achievement is to start a normal game, once you find a bunny, they can be killed easiest by using a bow, slingshot or throwable rock, but you can also catch them with any kind of spear (you can attack low ground while running without stopping, unlike with other melee weapons) or other methods. Animal Traps can make this easier.
Birdseye Birdseye.jpg Kill bird with arrow As the description states - simply kill any bird with any arrow using either the crafted bow or modern bow in single player mode and you will obtain this achievement. It's easier if the bird is on the ground.
Fisherman Fisherman.jpg Catch fish with a trap Build a animal trap in water where fish are. Allow the trap to catch a fish. Must be the water based trap version.
Green Thumb Green Thumb.jpg Grow all plant types Grow blueberries, coneflower, and aloe. Blueberries will only grow in a garden, not a wall planter. Mushrooms in caves aren't required.
Naturopath Naturopath.jpg Craft 10 medicine items Requires herbal medicine and herbal medicine+, not energy mix or energy mix+
Gabe Fan Gabe Fan.jpg Collect all cassette tapes See Cassette Player or Cassette Tape
Unseen Unseen.jpg Make and wear stealth armour Chop down several bushes until you have 15 leaves, kill a lizard or crocodile and skin it, combine 15 leaves and one lizard skin then equip the stealth armor
Longest Wall Longest Wall.jpg Build a super long wall All you need to do is place the "blueprints" for your wall. The player must make sure to make a custom wall as the defensive wall does not work towards this achievement.
Demolition Man Demolition Man .jpg Set off 20 bombs Go into your inventory and equip your bombs, and simply throw one to set it off. Dynamite, Sticky Bombs, and Head Bombs seem to count towards it. See bomb for more information.
Boy Scout Boy Scout.jpg Use the compass Go into your inventory and equip it. See Compass for more information.
Handyman Handyman.jpg Repair a shelter Build a Hunting Shelter, hit it with a low-damage weapon (e.g. an upgraded stick) and then use your repair tool on it. Sap may also work.
Climate Change Climate Change.jpg Cut down 100 trees Cut down 100 trees using axes, the chainsaw or explosives. Stick trees don’t count.
Don't Save The Forest Don't Save The Forest.jpg Cut down 1000 trees Similar process to Climate Change, just more trees. See Don't Save The Forest for more information.
Demolition Expert Demolition Expert.jpg Knock down 6 or more trees with 1 explosive Find a big clump of trees, equip an explosive and throw it near the clump. A good location is the cache near Geese Lake, place an explosive into it and as well as opening the cache, you knock down enough trees for the achievement. Note: stick trees don't count.
Crafty Crafty.jpg Craft 26 specific items See Crafty and/or Crafting, Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
Good Father Good Father.jpg Collect all robot pieces See Toy. Once you have all the pieces, go into your inventory and combine each piece to create the entire robot to trigger achievement. Works in single player and multiplayer.
Vegan Vegan.jpg Play through entire game without killing or eating animals See Vegan - One of the most difficult achievements in the game.
5 Star Hotel 5 Star Hotel.jpg Sleep on yacht Sleep in the bed on the Yacht; it is located off of the southern coast of the peninsula. Beware of the shark nearby.
First Night First Night.jpg Survive 1 night Survive the first night all the way through. You can sleep if you want to.
You are a fun guy You are a fun guy.jpg Eat all mushroom types See mushroom, possible to obtain achievement by eating the same type of mushroom in some cases.
Survivalist Survivalist.jpg Survive 5 nights Self explanatory, survive 5 nights in game.
Pacifist Pacifist.jpg Don't kill any cannibals for more than 10 days in a row Playing on veganmode works. It seems that playing in Multiplayer mode makes this success easier to get, as you are not playing in Singleplayer you are not killing any cannibals in this mode. This glitch needs to be confirmed. You can use same commands as in Bad Father achievement to speed things up.
Spelunker Spelunker.jpg Explore all caves One of the most difficult achievements in the game, time consuming and difficult. Exploring different caves on different gamesaves will not combine for progress.
Get Closure Get Closure.jpg Find all missing passengers Get Closure is an achievement for finding all the passengers in a single game. See Passengers for more information.
Step Master Step Master.jpg Pass 50,000 steps See Pedometer (cannot combine steps between saves). Be aware that steps count only from the moment you get the pedometer. It is possible to use Cheat Engine to edit number of your steps (Value type - 4 bytes).
Survive The Forest Survive The Forest.jpg Finish Game See Story.
Bad Father Bad father.jpg Survive 100 days Must be completed on one save (This achievement does not total your days across your all your saves).
Make it Rain Make It Rain.jpg Set off the sprinklers in end game This can be done with a fire arrow or the flare gun, particularly in the armsy hallway in the end game section. Simply shoot him with either weapons to set him alight and the sprinklers will set off. This can also be done by shooting a fire arrow at a sprinkler directly.
Gross! Gross!.jpg Drink from the water cooler that has the human head inside it The cooler is found in Sahara Laboratory, in one of the rooms on the right side of the hallway leading to the second artifact.
You should be looking for Timmy You should be looking for Timmy.jpg Build a gazebo Build a gazebo. If it's lower to the ground it will save a lot of logs and sticks.
Daily Grind Daily Grind.jpg Drink from coffee machine The coffee machines are in the Sahara Laboratory cafeteria.
Big Spender Big Spender.jpg Buy a soda and candy from vending machine The vending machines are in the lab's cafeteria - use each of them.

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Removed paints, flintlock and toy from crafting achievement and replaced with other craftable items
v0.73 Fixed dynamite turning off in water breaking achievement for fishing with dynamite
v0.69 Fixed Pacifist achievement wrongly unlocking after 10 days during which enemies have been killed

Fixed Vegan & Survive The Forest achievements not obtainable if creative mode is already available

v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed passengers manifest wrongly counting up and unlocking the achievement without actually discovering all passengers
v0.65 (Multiplayer) Fixed sleep on yacht achievement for clients

(Multiplayer) Fixed building related tasks and achievements for clients Revamped cave exploration tasks, instead of being based of invisible triggers it is now based on revealed map areas, which should make cave exploration tasks clearer and the spelunker achievement possible without cheats

v0.64 Now also checking for the finish game achievement to unlock creative mode (so that it remains available for an account even when changing computer)